A man’s guide to loving a younger woman

Men who date younger women have to navigate a lot of stereotypes and misconceptions. They’re stunted, immature, and don’t have enough life experience to know what they want or need in a relationship.

Being with a younger woman doesn’t mean you have to subscribe to any of those beliefs just because your lovely Canberra escorts happens to be much younger than you. Love is a complex emotion. It’s not just about the physical, it’s also about the mind and spirit. 

Being older doesn’t mean you have to lose sleep at night over things that bug you about women half your age. Here are some tips for how men can approach relationships with women who are their age or younger without feeling less than good about themselves:

Listen More Than You Talk

This is hard for most men to do, but it’s crucial if you want your lady friend to feel like she can trust and confide in you. If something comes up during your conversation with this woman that catches your attention, don’t just ignore it because it isn’t relevant right now. 

The last thing any woman wants is to be with a man who only cares about himself and has no interest in what she thinks or feels. Even worse, someone who doesn’t care enough about her life experiences to ask questions.

Be Curious And Ask Questions

It’s not just about you. She has a life, too, so be curious and ask questions, but do not pry or make it like a job interview. 

Ask her about her interests and hobbies. Ask about where she grew up, who she grew up with and what it was like for her growing up in that environment. Ask about her family and education, and be interested in the responses she gives.  

What To Do When She Has Problems

Don’t try to fix her problems or make her problems your own. You can offer advice if she asks for it, but otherwise, let her find her way through the issues affecting her life, even if they’re things that you think are silly or stupid.

If she doesn’t want your help, don’t push it on her anyway. If she really wants your help and asks for it specifically by asking for advice, then go ahead and offer whatever wisdom you have in mind. Otherwise, let her figure things out on her own terms. 

Be Comfortable With Silence And Conflict

One of the biggest challenges for older men dating younger women is learning how to communicate with them. Our culture teaches that women are emotional and empathetic while men are logical and rational. 

This stereotype can cause problems when it comes time for a conversation with your lady friend. She may assume that your being objective is not valid if you try to use logic when arguing. 

In Conclusion

Many men who date younger feel that their distinct qualities of being older make them better partners. They know that they are surely more mature than most young men and understand what it takes to be great boyfriends to their younger lady friends.