Strengthening our support  for innovation

Because new recycling technologies are necessary for our journey towards a circular economy.

The chemistry industry has always provided solutions to society’s most pressing challenges. Innovative technologies currently exist in niche areas to facilitate the collection, recycling, and recovery of plastics – all of which are needed to divert more valuable plastics from landfill and extend their life cycle.

For companies to be successful, all levels of government in Canada must ensure that definitions of recycling/diversion include chemical recycling (into fuels or chemicals) in addition to mechanical recycling. Additionally, support to help companies innovate product design so that products can be easily reused and recycled while maintaining their integrity for safety and security will help accelerate the move to a circular economy for plastics.

Canada can become a global leader in the recycling and recovery of plastics by investing in chemical recycling technologies and other innovative forms of deriving benefits from plastic waste.


Plastic Resin Pellets

The Federal Government's role

  • Establish a Plastic Technology Innovation Fund (PTIF) with an initial allocation of $200 million operated by Natural Resources Canada to further research and development of groundbreaking plastic technology applications in Canada.

Let your local federal Member of Parliament know that you support getting plastics right!