Innovation and Technology

Canada benefits from programs and investments focused on advancements and expansions in our recycling infrastructure.

The plastics sector has developed innovative technologies to improve the collection, recycling, and recovery of plastics – which are all needed to divert more valuable plastics away from landfills and extend their life cycles.


For example, advanced recycling technologies have allowed us to begin achieving a zero-waste world. These technologies break down plastics into their molecular building blocks to be repurposed into various valuable materials, including brand new plastics. They’ve also significantly expanded markets for recycled  plastics, both in Canada and globally, while keeping plastics out of the environment and in productive use.

Buy-in from governments is also necessary to decrease plastic waste and increase diversion. All levels of government must standardize definitions and policies to ensure that definitions of recycling/diversion include advanced recycling in addition to mechanical recycling.


Of course, investments and financial support cannot just come from industry. Companies need support to help innovate product design so that products can be easily reused and recycled while maintaining their integrity for safety and security.


With ongoing research, advances in technology, and a dedicated goal to improve package design, there is a promising future ahead, and we can achieve our vision of a circular economy.