Extended Producer Responsibility

Simplifying and streamlining recovery processes opens a world of possibilities for end-market opportunities.

A circular economy for plastics starts with industry-led, designed and managed Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program. With EPR, the entire life cycle of a product, from selection of materials and design, to its end-of-life management, is the responsibility of the producer.

In British Columbia, all recycling is handled by the non-profit Recycle BC, whose costs are covered by businesses in the province that create packaging or products. B.C. has the highest rate of waste recovery in Canada (78 per cent), and one of the lowest rates of contamination (6.5 per cent).


On the other hand, in jurisdictions such as Ontario, there are hundreds of municipalities operating Blue Box programs, all of which accept different products. This leads to consumer confusion and frustration, and higher rates of contamination.

Having a more streamlined, stable and less contaminated supply of recovered post-consumer plastics will allow producers to grow end-markets for recycled materials and encourage producers to make recyclable products. It will also reduce costs to municipalities and taxpayers.

Recycle BC

A 78% Waste Recovery Rate


Resulting rate of contamination

The Federal Government's role

  • Work with provincial governments to support and facilitate well-designed, industry-led extended producer responsibility systems to inform consumer behavior and help establish markets.

  • Ensure producers have maximum regulatory flexibility to develop and implement stewardship initiatives to complement the Blue Box and increase recycling and recovery.

  • Deliver procurement policies that favour products and packaging that have post-consumer recycled content.

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