Expanding our Recovery Infrastructure

Advancements and expansions in our recycling infrastructure will enable Canada to recover value from all used plastics!

Today in Canada, the hard reality is that nearly 80 per cent of post-consumer plastics packaging ends up in landfills. This is partially due to inadequate sorting and lack of viable end markets, but also due to a lack of infrastructure to collect and process items in order to be recycled and recovered. 


Increasing diversion of plastic waste will require significant support and investment from not just industry but governments and stakeholders as well.

This will include investments in advanced collection and sorting systems, new initiatives in mechanical and chemical recycling, and removal of regulatory barriers. Consistency in waste collection across Canada, at work, home and play is imperative to our goals. We must also standardize definitions and policies across Canada to recognize plastic recovery.

The Federal Government's role

  • Working with provinces and municipalities, invest in improvements to standardize waste collection and sorting in Canada.

  • Work with provincial governments to review, revise and standardize policies to incentivize the processing and use of waste materials as feedstock, such as value-added recovery.

Let your local federal Member of Parliament know that you support getting plastics right!

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