Plastics Are the
Sustainable Choice

Recycled and repurposed plastics allow us to do more with less material, while extending the lifecycle of a valuable resource into new products and reducing emissions

When used in consumer goods and packaging, plastic’s environmental footprint is four times smaller than that of alternative materials. Because plastics help us do more with less, they provide countless benefits for our environment and for consumers.  


As we work to reduce the amount of plastic waste in our lives, materials such as paper straws or cloth bags have emerged as alternative options. It’s important to consider the full life cycle of these items—and the impact they have on our environment. This means considering the greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and other impacts different materials make during production and transportation. When we look at all these factors, plastics are among the most sustainable choices.

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Plastics and Sustainability:

A Valuation of Environmental Benefits, Costs and Opportunities for Continuous Improvement


Trucost | July 2016